Meri Second Cohorts Graduate

Earuyan Solutions launched Meri Mentorship and Leadership to introduce and match underserved female university students in their last year of studies with experienced Ethiopian women a structured mentorship program that is complimented by a rigorous leadership development program. The underlying philosophy behind Meri is that networks are a crucial component of development. We are delighted 94 Meri participants recruited over 3 cohorts be part of the larger Meri Network.

This October, thirty five members of the second cohort of Meri participants graduated after successfully completing the mentorship and leadership program on an online event. This year has been a year to test our resolve and given us enduring lessons on adaptivity. The COViD-19 epidemic has challenged our assumptions, blocked well worn paths while opening up new avenues to success. We are happy with the progress made and the inevitable learning and growth it took to get here. Congratulations!!

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