Jo Ensor

The Philanthropy Workshop Director

In February 2016 The Philanthropy Workshop travelled to Ethiopia on a learning journey to look at the themes of agriculture, women and health within the Ethiopian context. We were a group of 18 people from all over the world who spent a week in the country. We were fortunate enough to be recommended Billene Seyoum Woldeyes as a knowledgeable content expert, able to provide support and in-depth understanding of these themes. Billene was with our group for one week and played a vital role in advising and assisting our group in their learning. Billene provided expert knowledge on our key themes - particularly in regards to women and agriculture - and helped us to drill down far more deeply than we would have been able to without her. She shared her experiences, cited case studies and real life examples and was able to bring a whole new depth to our learning journey.  Outside the formal sessions, Billene engaged with our members on a one-to-one basis to answer their questions and help deepen their understanding of the context of women and girls within Ethiopian society. Our workshop was so much richer for her expertise, and we thank her enormously for her most valued contribution.