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Who we are

In Geez, an ancient South Semitic language and precursor to Amharic, Earuyan means equality. Earuyan Solutions is a social justice and impact driven feminist social enterprise offering workshops, forum, research, project/programme design and content development solutions with a particular focus on projects promoting gender equality and leadership development.


Our vision is to be a leading social enterprise providing gender equality promoting and leadership capacity development solutions for organizations and projects throughout Eastern Africa and the Horn region.


We aim to bring to our clients our unique blend of experience and understanding in gender equality issues, human capacity and organizational development, content research and writing, and social issue based conference/workshop design and facilitation.


We also have a vast network of collaborators that we tap into nationally and internationally, to ensure our clients’ needs are met with excellence.


At Earuyan Solutions we:

  • believe in and promote gender equality consciousness through all our work
  • are driven by excellence and social impact
  • believe in designing collaborative and human centered solutions


As a social impact driven company, we dispense our social responsibility through designing and steering equality consciousness raising projects.