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Gender Equality within Organizations

10 September 2016

There is much to be said about the status of gender equality within organizations, but none is much more striking to us as the case of non-governmental organizations working on similar issues. We find it necessary and noble that there are those that are taking up the difficult task of creating awareness and attempting to fill the gaps towards realizing gender equality through projects and programmes. 

However, any organization or project attempting to address these issues must also reflect within its own reality, the vision it wants for others.


To what extent have our organizations addressed issues of women’s leadership within their system?


How are cases of sexual harassment being dealt with within the work environment?


What has been done to create and nurture an equitable work environment that is not personality dependent but embedded within the organizational system?


These are some of the issues we ask at Earuyan Solutions and we would ask of your organization to better help you align your internal and external environment. After all, modeling is the best way to influence.


The Earuyan Team